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With a minimum of just 5 active titles per month, you can insure that you never miss another issue of your favorite comics again, and receive a discount of at least 10% (up to 25%!) off cover price! Give us a list of the titles you'd like to subscribe to (minimum of 5), and your contact info, and we'll get you set up. We ask only that you agree to come pick up your comics at least once a month, and that you contact us if you need to cancel or edit your subscription. 

Our discount tiers are as follows, and keep in mind this discount applies not only to the comics you subscribe to, but to ANYTHING you purchase from us, which is kind of amazing.

5-9 active (currently being printed at least semi monthly) titles - 10%

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16+ - 25%!

We can even mail, or if you live in Asheville, deliver your comics right to your door! (ask about specifics)


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